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The SouthEast Handwriting Analysts (SEHA) was established on April 5, 2003.  This organization is the former Florida Chapter of GraphoanalystsŪ, which was formed to provide an educational and networking group for the GraphoanalystsŪ in the greater Florida area.  The first meeting of the Florida Graphoanalysts was held in Orlando, FL. in 1958.  The membership grew to 75 people within a year and the dues were $5.00.  Today the Chapter includes members from FL, GA, VA, TN, TX, MA, NH, and NY.

SEHA has an active on-line discussion group for members with e-mail addresses.  All aspects of handwriting are discussed and handwritings are analyzed by various members.  It  is very interesting and educational for all.

GraphoanalysisŪ is a trademark-protected system of handwriting analysis within the general field of graphology.  SEHA meetings are held the beginning of the year at various locations, usually in Florida.  The meetings include seminars featuring an invited handwriting analyst as speaker.

If you are a GraphoanalystŪ or are studying to become one, you are welcome to join SEHA and/or attend our meetings.   Graphologists are also welcome. 

The 2014 Seminar will be held at Homewood Suites Hilton in Maitland, FL on Jan 25 - 26.
The speaker will be Michelle Dresbold, author of Sex, Lies and Handwriting.

Click here to read Scientific Reasons Why Cursive Writing Must Continue, from the AAHA Dialogue, Winter 2011 publication with multiple authors.

President Jan Leach 407-628-1090

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